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Mission Statement
To provide quality entertainment in a rural setting
A History of the Barn Swallow Theatre (by Ada Barr)

What began as a conversation between friends regarding a community theatre culminated in Barn Swallow Theatre in 1985. After the articles of incorporation, the first Board of Governors was created in 1985. They were: Johnny Rodebush, John Gore, Pam Boepple, Armindo Mesko, Dr. Tom Rea, Marj Federowski, and Ada Barr, a local Ross Beatty High School English and Theatre teacher. In 1988, two more governors were added: Karen Current and Barbara Weeks. The first lease for the barn was written by Margeret Chiara, the Cass County Prosecuting Attorney at the time. Our most ardent supporter was Marian Ritter, who encouraged, cajoled, and helped expedite our process. We also discovered that the old barn was full of magic. Train whistles, the chirping of crickets and moonlight filtering in through the siding of the barn added to the ambiance and created the spell that was Barn Swallow. We accommodated the many barn swallows (birds) in the basement of the barn, and one time we worked around a busy barn swallow mother bird, which twittered and screeched at us. She and her babies left and we tried to bird-proof the upstairs of the barn. Other little critters, mice, a rat here and there, cats, and raccoons were sometimes visitors and left their calling cards. .....But this was only the beginning. Much followed.....
Our Current Location
Since 1985, the Barn Swallow Theatre has offered quality plays, musicals, and children's performances in a rural setting to southwestern Michigan and northern Indiana. The tragic loss of the theatre by fire in 2004, brought the realization of the theatre's value to the community, by making it a better place to live, raise a family, learn, work, and develop artistic and commercial enterprises. The resolve that the "show must go on" was accomplished in borrowed summer venues, but we have longed for a place to call our own. There are always ongoing projects and events being planned to improve the theatre and your performance experience.